Permits and regulations for driving in France

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Permits and regulations for driving in France

Post by noodles on Tue Jul 30, 2013 3:02 pm

I came across this that I though might be useful, I have seen some of these questions come up a few times, answers here straight from the horses mouth!
For example.... confirmation that it is not obligatory to carry a spares set of bulbs in the car

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Re: Permits and regulations for driving in France

Post by simmo on Thu Aug 01, 2013 8:50 am

Hi folks
I have to say After a life in the Armed forces all over the world and my own private travels, I am always amazed the places and situations you find Brits in, even war zones. The Army saying was wandering around with thumbs up bums and minds in Neutral.
I have even had to rescue one English family on holiday in East Germany from the entrance to a Russian SS20 nuclear misille installation.
They seem to wander round with no medical cover or European medical Card or even a first aid kit.As for spares for the car ,a good map to find the way don't make me laugh. they don't even have a clue of places and situations they should not be in.
The times i have had to go out with rescue teams to find them and the daft things they complain about when you do pull them out of the Merd.The lack of spare bulb sets is the least of some brits ex-pats or tourist problems its Brains and a bit of common they need.
Rant over.
Simmo in the Correze


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