Ail & Melon Foire - Blond - 11 August

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Ail & Melon Foire - Blond - 11 August

Post by Irena on Sat Aug 03, 2013 12:49 pm

The title says it all I think. The whole of the Blond village turns into a market once a year (this year it's 11 August) selling mainly garlic and melons. The garlic is the pink striped fresh variety which keeps well (our last year's lot finally got finished in April!). There's also onions and a few other stalls - mainly other fruit/veg and clothes. There's a small bar/restaurant.

And Blond is not far from Mortemart and Montrol Senard (I wrote about these in another post so use the search box - top right - to find out more about these two places). Therefore the trip to Blond would be an ideal outing if you don't live nearby and there's also plenty of places to picnic.


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Re: Ail & Melon Foire - Blond - 11 August

Post by Tony H on Mon Aug 05, 2013 5:01 pm

I visited both Mortemart and Montrol Senard on Sunday. Both very pretty villages and well worth a visit.

We took a picnic and lunched in the secluded chateau grounds at Mortemart whilst watching the ducks and swans... lovely. As an added bonus there were a number of old classic American cars on display and an art expo inside the Chateau as well.

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