The New folks in the hamlet

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The New folks in the hamlet

Post by simmo on Tue Aug 13, 2013 8:44 pm

Hi Folks
Last year the local farmer in our hamlet retired and sold up, along with our dutch friends who had six gites and a english couple who had a small holding. (No it wasn't because of us) we had been here seven years by this time. In a matter of four days the English couple house was sold along with the french farmhouse. The two barns on the farm being Sold seperately to turn into houses and the gite complex was also sold.
We now have a french family from Paris in the English couples house with three children and three dogs plus quad bikes and scramble bikes.
In the Farm house we have folks from Paris turning it into a holiday home
In the small barn we have a couple from paris turning that into a holiday home
In the large barn we have another couple from paris turning that into a holiday home
The gite complex has been sold to a french couple from the Marne with one of the gites being sold to a French Judge from the Provance!.
Meanwhile our sleepy little hamlet has this summer been turned into a building site with work going on from dawn till dusk inter mixed with the sound of quad bikes and scramble bikes and screaming children. Still once the works done and the french are back at work and the chidren in school we hope silence and sanity will return and our sleepy little hamlet will return to snoozing away in the sun, Until of course the next french holiday. As our post man said as he spat on the road B-----y Parisians think they own the Correze they are all money and mouth and have you seen the way they dress . I thought to myself no love lost their then and said to the post man. Its like us from the north of England with the folk from the south of England we think the same about them. He howled with laughter slapped me on the back and spat on the road again jumped in his van and roared off in a cload of sand and building dust. I thought to myself as his yellow van disappered in the dust cloud those folk with the quad and scrabble bikes at the end of our lane are in for an awful suprise if they think he will slow down and pull over for them!.
Simmo in the Correze.


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Re: The New folks in the hamlet

Post by Inkflo on Wed Aug 14, 2013 1:30 pm

I feel for you Simmo.
I sometimes think there's nowhere on the planet that has guaranteed peace & quiet.
There always seems to be someone ready to inflict their noise on other people.
Hope it calms down soon.

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