Beautiful pups free to a good home La Souterraine.

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Beautiful pups free to a good home La Souterraine.

Post by noodles on Thu Aug 22, 2013 3:14 pm

I have taken this directly from the dog links site so you get the picture. Please share with anyone who you know who may be interested , thank you

Here is the explanation from the English gentleman who has asked if I can help find good homes for them :-

Our farmer neighbour Michel has got himself into a pickle with regards to his dogs. He currently has 11 roaming his garden. They include four 8-month-olds – three dogs and a bitch – and three – two bitches and a dog – 8-week-olds. Both litters have the same brown Pointer father and Border Collie mother.

Two days ago we managed to rehome two from the latest litter. Michel is happy to give the pups to good homes that agree to give them a proper start in life and the training they need.

The dogs are looked after in a French sense: they have some land to run around in, a few shelters and are fed raw meat – but of course they behave like a pack. They lack stimulation and are bored and full of beans because they do not get exercised. They are lithe, bright and mischievous, and Michel never takes them out.

They look fit and healthy but they are not doted on, and no doubt they need their jabs, chipping, de-flea-ing, worming, etc. Michel doesn’t spend any money on himself let alone his dogs. They are lovely good natured pups who are ripe for adoption and very much in need.
I would be happy to be the contact in any process; Michel does not have internet – nor the inclination, it seems to me. My phone number is: 05 55 89 23 28. Paul Fearnley

You can also contact me, Evelyn, on :- 05 65 69 12 26 or email at :- They are going to be very beautiful dogs and very intelligent so the sooner training starts the better. Thank you.

younger pups and older pups available


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