Inauguration of new drone for Limoges

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Inauguration of new drone for Limoges

Post by Inkflo on Thu Sep 19, 2013 3:19 pm

The Pompiers De L'Urgence Internationale have a new drone to cover humanitarian and natural catastrophes for the Limousin.
Based in Limoges, it has 6 motors, can take video and still images via GoPro telecommands, and is equipped with GPS.
As well as surveillance, it can search for victims on the ground and verify the dsafety of an area before human lives are put at risk.
It's a great innovation, and the inauguration ceremony will take place on Sunday 22nd September, 11.30am at Route du Chateau d'Eau,
St.Just Martel, on the field of the new aero club.

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