Moka The Labrador Needs A Lift!

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Moka The Labrador Needs A Lift!

Post by noodles on Mon Nov 18, 2013 2:34 pm

POsted on behalf of Phoenix assoc

Moka The Labrador Needs A Lift!

We are hoping that some kind-hearted soul, who is perhaps driving back to the UK for Christmas can help Laura.

Laura's father, who lived in Saint Romain, 16210, passed away, leaving behind his 9 year-old Labrador, Moka.

Laura desperately wants to get Moka home to her in Scotland. However, she has a disabled son whom she can't leave, and who is not capable to journey to France with her to collect Moka.

Please does anyone have a space in their car for Moka the labrador? Laura is really worried about him and feels so helpless as she is far away.

Please share!

If you can help, please contact

Moka has her passport ready and her suitcase packed

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