Shopping and watching the world go by.

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Shopping and watching the world go by.

Post by simmo on Tue Jul 16, 2013 3:12 pm

Hi folks
So i was shopping with the love of my life at Auchen in Tulle on monday afternoon( 10% off your shopping bill on a mondays). We had just parked up and there was this god almighty bang and then a screeching sound. Me i went into squaddie mode and started to take cover when i realised that a Brit who had come wandering into the car park in an half millon quids worth of sports car with UK plates, had mounted a high kerb and done some serious redevelopment to the bottom of his pride and joy.
The screeching sound was him getting the car back of the high kerb, he then drove back out of the car park without even stopping to check the damage. So i figure he had to very rich and not bother or daft and did not realise what he had done, or both. So still shaking my head in disbelief i wandered off into Auchen to push the shopping trolley for her who must be obeyed.
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