French registered 1997 Ford Fiesta 400€

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French registered 1997 Ford Fiesta 400€

Post by er indoors on Sun Jul 21, 2013 1:08 pm

1997 petrol Ford Fiesta 1.2LX zetec. Sold as seen, 2 new front tyres & brakes (pads & discs), CT has just expired & it needs a new catalytic converter.

It does still drive well, despite the issue with the cat but it sometimes loses power, you just take your foot of the throttle & it will pick up speed again.

We bought it as we were waiting to get the family car on the road & living quite rurally, I needed a car.

We have priced it so we just get our money back. no offers & first to see will buy.

we are nr St Sulpice Les Feuilles, 40 mins north of Limoges, junction 21/22 on the A20.

Tel no 0555604432

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