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Post by redburmese on Thu May 21, 2015 9:01 pm

We used to go to the one oposite the Troc in Limoge but now it is bad cold buffet and very few customers where as before you would be lucky to get in the door [shame ]the one now to go to is KING LONG ,LIMOGE 145RUE DENEXON 87000 LIMOGE TEL 0555 069471 ,loads of other eating places all around it so your choice but so busy [a good sign]food great all you can eat for 11 EURO  20 by 12 20 PACKED you may have to park in the road behind but once visited you will go back Very Happy :DI should add great salad selection and boiled eggs [the kids love ]sushi selection [very good ]lots of meat selection ,and fish ,spicey potatoes ect too much too report but what a selection !!and so clean you could eat off the floor !!Shocked Shocked

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