Help with online Tresor Public account

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Help with online Tresor Public account Empty Help with online Tresor Public account

Post by Irena on Wed Sep 02, 2015 2:16 pm

A while back I registered online to pay a monthly prelevment for our taxe d'habitation, taxe foncieres etc. The actual annual statement goes to our English address. The English address has changed and I need to change the address the Tresor holds. I thought I could do this online. Can I? If yes, then where?

I thought it would be choosing the 'particulier' mon espace. I have the confirmation email that I registered at this site in 2013. However when I enter my numero fiscal and choose forgotten password it doesn't recognise the details and I get the message 'Cette procédure de renouvellement du mot de passe est réservée aux personnes qui ont pris et validé un mot de passe. Vous devez saisir vos 3 identifiants pour vous connecter et ensuite valider votre mot de passe.'

Can anyone help? How do I advise of the change of address? I suppose I can resort to writing to them, but I did want to access my account details online anyway!


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Help with online Tresor Public account Empty Re: Help with online Tresor Public account

Post by BLAKEVINE on Wed Sep 02, 2015 3:06 pm

When our old English address appeared on our account last year we ended up physically having to go to the Tresor Public with our (fortunately) forwarded account in paper form. The lady at the Tresor Public changed it there and then. As it had gone to England and took it's time being forwarded to us, it was technically overdue and therefore liable for a charge. HOWEVER, she said that if we sat down and wrote a letter explaining why it was a late payment, she would attach it to the account and all would be well. This we did and we did not have to pay the overdue charge.

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