Missing dog near Chalus

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Missing dog near Chalus

Post by Myriam on Tue Feb 27, 2018 7:02 pm

jackie Axford writes on FB:

My friend, Chrissie, had a car accident a couple of days ago & is now in hospital. Unfortunately her elderly little dog, Holly, jumped out the car frightened and ran off, and still hasn't been found. Her husband, Bertie is searching, but he's without a car now. She went missing on the road from Bussière Galant to Chalus, the accident was less than 6 kilometres from their home which is Bussière Galant gare. Can anyone in this area please look out for Holly, and let me or Bertie know if she's spotted, has been taken in or is injured. She is a very timid little dog and probably won't come to anyone calling her. She's also elderly & losing her sight, and they are worried sick for her because of the sub-zero temperatures at night. Can local friends please share too.


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Re: Missing dog near Chalus

Post by BLAKEVINE on Thu Mar 01, 2018 8:44 am

I do hope Holly is found; I looked her up on the link you had provided. I also looked up where Châlus is....in dept 87 so that is a bit far from me and I’m afraid I don’t know anyone in that area who I can alert. Sorry.

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