shrinking a swimming pool

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shrinking a swimming pool Empty shrinking a swimming pool

Post by morro on Fri Dec 26, 2014 10:51 pm

hi everyone.
i have a pool problem, i need to shrink the size of my pool. currently it is 66ft by 44 ft,and being a kind of horseshoe shape with the pump room being in the middle of said shape. the deepest area is over 8ft 6 ins deep. its kind of big enough to apportion into 3 pools. the pump and filter works well and there is lots of pipe to use from what is taken out. and its on a 5 acre plot so there is lots of dirt to use as fill in. then put in a new liner and cover. so i need a a good and reliable builder to take this on , or at least give me a realistic and down to earth estimate to start with. i am in the cheniers area. i would appreciate any help and welcome discussions with anyone who might help. regards and happy xmas to all. dave


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