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Post by simmo on Sun Nov 03, 2013 2:44 pm

Hi folks
The love of my life has always wanted her own swimming pool,so we have decided now all the major works on our masion and round our little bit of paradise are completed, we will take the plunge so to speak.We are having it constructed inside an old ruin of a barn which is next to the masion. Using stone from the old barn walls, we are constructing a drystone wall around the pool area on the base of the old barn walls.
Having worked in Cumbria on drystone walling with one of the best Cumbrians in this line of work, Its proving a real joy to be back on the job so to speak. Now on my forth such drystone wall project since arriving in france, i'm finding it much easier to use the local stone from the Correze than Cumbrian slate.I am also amazed at how well the local stone has stood up to the test of time, with some of the stone i'm using from the old barn being at least 200years old .
Project three a perimeter wall round the side of part of our bit of paradise, was completed a while back and during reconstruction work on this wall we came across a WW2 partisan stash of 303 ammo. The ammo i duly dumped on the counter at our local gandarme station.Well talk about take off, the duty officer was called in, statements taken in triplicate, instruction manuals consulted,HQ called and the French armies EOD boys informed.All this was done in my best possible french and in the best possible taste.
They put the old ammo in a box used for the ammo they themselves use and sealed it, it was then collected and destroyed, talk about a don't panic Mr Mannering moment that day with a a bit hallo! hallo! thrown in.two hours later i arrived home to a where have you been ,surly to god it does not take that long to hand some bullets in.To which i replied it does in france sweetheart !.
Simmo sat on a pile of stone in the high Correze


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Post by Bowser_23 on Mon Dec 09, 2013 5:46 pm

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