Smoke Alarms in your home.

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Smoke Alarms in your home. Empty Smoke Alarms in your home.

Post by Le-Dolly on Sat Jan 31, 2015 1:21 pm

As a follow up to a recent post enquiring about the obligatory fitting of Smoke Alarms in homes I have written this brief, but not all encompassing, review of some of the main types available.

Ionisation smoke alarms are particularly good at detecting fast flaming fires. Best for landings and office spaces.

Optical smoke alarms are good at detecting smouldering fires, such as soft furnishing. Best for bedrooms, living rooms and hallways.

Heat alarms detect changes in temperature in a room. Ideal for kitchens and garages where smoke or mist may regularly be present.

Multi-sensor alarms combine different sensor types into a single unit to create a sensitive unit without false alarms.

Under normal circumstances I would fit mains powered alarms with a battery back-up that are interlinked via RF (radio) to a second or subsequent alarms of differing types so as to cover all areas of the house and offer total protection. Obviously it is not always possible to fully fit out a finished house with mains powered devices, so battery powered alarms (again RF) are available for this purpose, or a combination of both working together. It is usually possible to fit at least one mains powered alarm on the upper floor that would consequentially interact with the battery alarms fitted in other parts of the house. These types of SA’s are not the 10-20€ ones generally offered in the Brico’s and are subsequently not cheap, but I guess it is down to how much you value you and yours.

Many will be quick to announce that radio linked devices will not work in their properties due to thick walls etc. WiFi being a perfect example. All the alarms that we propose for use have a repeater function, that is to say that if an alarm triggers and it’s path is stopped by, for example a thick wall, it will automatically re-trigger and find another pathway (typically through the ceiling) to the next and other alarms and sound those also. This setup is called a Mesh System.

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