The return of the Microsoft Scam

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The return of the Microsoft Scam Empty The return of the Microsoft Scam

Post by simmo on Wed Mar 09, 2016 8:30 am

Yesterday we had numerous phone calls, all the people spoke  English!! with a indian or Parkistani accent! the first gentleman ( i use this term lightly) who said his name was David Jones tried to convince Monsieur and then moi that we needed extra security for our computer. The offer was politely refused!! The second gentleman who went by the name of Harry, i was tempted to say Potter! tried his luck and then Rosie tried the same trick. We had this scam a couple of years ago and i resorted to a few chosen words that Mrs Brown would be proud of which seemed to end the constant phone calls or so i thought! So ladies and gentlemen please be aware of this scam. Mrs Simmo.


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